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Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. 

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NO DOCTOR? NO PROBLEM! You can establish care with us and we'll treat you like a member of the family! ...just ask to "establish care."


We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, UMR, Aetna, Medicare, TRICARE, cash and major credit cards.  We do not currently accept Medicaid. 



Minor Illness: 


-sore/strep throat

-sinus infections/congestion



-flu-like symptoms

-mouth/oral conditions

-earache/ear infection

-urinary tract/bladder infection


Minor Injury: 

-cuts, blisters, wounds

-suture/staple removal

-sprains/strains/joint pain

-minor burns

-bug bites & stings


Skin Condition: 

-acne, rosacea, ringworm, dermatitis



-sunburn, swimmers itch, poison ivy

-mouth sores

-chicken pox



-athletes foot


Procedure Appointment:

-Laceration Repair

-Incision & Drainage

-Skin Biopsy


Wellness / Physical Appointment: 

-Annual Physical

-Women's health exam/pap)

-Camp/Sports Physical

-Ear Wax Removal

-Epi-pen Refills

-Stop Smoking

-Weight Loss


Screening / Monitoring Appointment: 

-STD check-up




-Birth Control 




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A Nurse Practitioner Family Health Clinic - Open on the Weekends

Weekend Clinic P.L.C.